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Find answers to common questions about our reclaimed wood flooring products and installation process across Canada.

What is reclaimed wood?

There are various reclamation projects, from underwater salvage to commercial demolitions, but Century Wood Products primarily reuses woods from barns being dismantled in Southern Ontario. These barns were erected by settlers clearing land for agriculture. They were built to store food and bedding for the livestock kept within. The woods used in the construction of the barns were sourced from the adjacent lands incorporating virgin species, some of which are now threatened because of invasive insects.

How is reclaimed wood flooring made?

Reclaimed wood flooring is made similar to freshly felled wood flooring in that the processing; from sawyering, kiln drying, ripping and moulding into flooring, is identical. The added processes for the salvaged woods are, the initial cleaning, then the finding and removing of foreign objects like nails. This additional labour is reflected in the price,

What are the benefits of reclaimed wood flooring?

Century Wood Products Inc's clients greatest benefit is knowing they have flooring made with care and conservation. The flooring is unique in looks dnd in structure, showing it's timeless age and character. The source is limited, so the clients are privileged in ownership.

How is reclaimed wood flooring installed?

Reclaimed wood flooring is installed as one would install new hardwood flooring in accordance with NWFA guidelines. The flooring is shipped unfinished, meaning a slight sanding, filling and finishing will be required before use.

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Other Products

Rough Lumber

Choose from a selection of original barn beams in both, hand hewn and originally sawn. These are commonly available in 6” to 12”. Resawn beams can be sawn to spec, as well as 8/4 and 4/4 for millwork such as stair treads and table tops. Contact us for more info.

Grey Board & more.

Original greyboard from exterior barn siding is a timeless wall and ceiling finish. These have been kiln dried and are available in random widths and lengths. Contact us to see what is available.

6" beams

8" beams

10" beams

12" beams


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